Engaging students by making learning fun

Students can compete for the title of the vocabulary king or become the YouVoc - YouRockstar through continued online practice. The better students have learnt the word lists, the higher their level. The student with the highest level wins the gold medal.

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Raising attainment: Practice makes perfect

Students do not only benefit from a variety of practice modes such as multiple-choice, jumbled letters or the vocabulary race, but can systematically focus on words or expressions which they personally find most difficult.

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Creating a personalised learning experience

Based on findings in the field of learning psychology, the integrated adaptive learning module helps lock vocabulary into the long-term memory and facilitates a systematic vocabulary acquisition.

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New: Intelligent answer matching

A variety of translations will be accepted for a particular entry. Apart from supporting multiple synonyms, YouVoc can ignore common typos, recognise common abbreviations and can has a configurable capitalisation sensitivity (e.g. for German nouns).

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A free and powerful vocabulary trainer for schools

Teachers can make vocab lists and grammar exercises available to their classes. Students can create their own vocab lists and easily share them with their classmates. The vocabulary trainer is based on findings in the field of learning psychology and helps lock vocabulary into the long-term memory by systematically increasing the time intervals between subsequent practice sessions. Apart from just translating words, students can practise their vocabulary knowledge with a wide range of different practice modes ranging from the vocabulary race, simulated vocabulary tests and jumbled words to the multiple choice mode to just name a few. With YouVoc - YouRock, students' language skills will significantly improve as a result of a rapid vocabulary expansion. YouVoc was developed by a German modern foreign languages teacher and supports a variety of different languages, e.g. German, French, Spanish, Italian and Latin.

No installation required

Thanks to its easy-to-use web-based interface which is accessible to students and teachers at home or at school, YouVoc minimises teachers' workload and can be used for homework, in-class activities or cover lessons.

Share resources online

Students can create their own word lists and easily share them with their classmates on YouVoc. Teachers can not only share their exercises with their classes, but can also share their resources with their colleagues online.

Track student progress

With YouVoc's real-time progress monitor you can not only track the progress of your classes, but also of individual students. Furthermore, YouVoc can mark your vocab and grammar tests online and provides you with detailed reports.

Import and Export

On YouVoc, you can easily import your existing word lists from other computer software or the internet to get started straight away. Of course, you can also download all vocab lists on YouVoc in different formats, e.g. CSV or PDF.

Where learning is fun. rewarding & motivating.

Learning languages is fun with YouVoc: Thanks to a wide range of different practice modes and awards such as the title of the "YouVoc - YouRockstar", the "Vocabulary King" and a rewarding point system, learning vocabulary becomes highly motivating on YouVoc. The integrated spaced retrieval practice mode guarantees the highest possible learning success.

Sharing resources online. Because sharing is caring.

YouVoc has been made for teamwork and collaboration. Teachers can make vocab lists available to their classes in seconds, students can share word lists with each other and teachers can easily share their resources with their colleagues online.

Intelligent answer matching. Frustration-free learning.

Thanks to the unique possibility to define optional translations and multiple synonyms, YouVoc accepts a variety of translations for a particular entry. Students hence experience less frustration when practising their language skills. In addition, YouVoc has a configurable capitalisation sensitivity (e.g. for German nouns).

Why YouVoc - YouRock? This is what experienced teachers say

"What I value most about YouVoc - YouRock is that it enables more mature students to become independent learners by creating and sharing their own word lists. We also regularly name a YouVoc-YouRockstar in class - the students are always very excited!"

Paul Jacobs, Assistant Head Teacher, South Hunsley Sixth Form College

"YouVoc kommt mit der Bereitstellung von mehreren Lösungsvarianten und der Toleranz von fehlenden Satzzeichen sowie abweichender Groß- und Kleinschreibung meinen Vorstellungen eines idealen Vokabeltrainers am nächsten."

Eugen Weber, Marianum Fulda

"YouVoc ist äußerst lehrerfreundlich: Vom kollegialen Austausch bestehender Lektionen, dem Erstellen von Übungszetteln und ausdruckbaren Vokabeltests bis hin zu online Vokabeltests die weit über eine alleinige prozentuale Auswertung hinausgehen hat YouVoc alles zu bieten."

Andrea Sternberg, Marianum Fulda

"YouVoc is an excellent online tool to help students learn important vocabulary whilst monitoring their progress. Especially younger students love competing for the title of the Vocabulary King and even spend their lunch breaks doing it."

Dave Galloway, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Pocklington School